Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Parallelism in Prose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Parallelism in Prose - Essay Example She felt so good when he came downstairs, too, wearing a cheap yet very neat suite and enjoyed his meal before he went to work. She was proud of her son and wanted to give him all care and love she could. On that fine and sunny morning, they were sitting at the table and watching some news program on TV. The war began, they said; the enemy attacked and killed many civilians, they said. Some politician with a grave face announced draft for military service for men under 40. The mother’s heart died within her – such a terrible news on such a nice day! The mother feared that her child would be drafted to the army: he was courageous, tall and strong. At his age of 25, he was a complete personality and a person, who had achieved much on his own. She was so proud of him. The son feared to let his dear mother alone, but he longed to protect his homeland and was very decisive about it. He was courageous, tall and strong; moreover, he knew a little about battle tactics and weapons. So he came back home after finishing with work and told his mother about his intentions. Days went by; sunny and warm autumn days turned into gray and rainy ones; and the mother still lived alone: the house seemed too big, too cold and too empty without Jesse and every single day was filled with painful waiting for a letter written in a familiar loose handwriting. Jesse would write every week, and Mrs. Stillman, the mail clerk, would bring the letters very promptly. On a foggy December day, the mother went downstairs to prepare her usual breakfast – a toast and a cup of coffee – and turned the TV on. After Jesse went to defend their homeland to the eastern part of the country, she had been turning the news program every morning to be aware of the situation, and her heart would be in her mouth as the commentator read the list of dead soldiers. Yet, these programs were filled with patriotism and hope: the brave sons of the country would surely return to their families.

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