Friday, August 2, 2019

Human Communication Essay

In order to discuss fully the concept of cultural differences in human communication, it is important to tackle this in light of Latin communication. Aside from the fact that the United States and several Latin countries are geographical neighbors, it is undeniable that the American society of today is very much diverse. There are a growing number of Latin populations in the American society, thus interacting and communicating with one is inevitable. This topic is very interesting because we are not only looking at the idea of cultural differences, but we also apply it to the aspect of Latin communication. Communication is an integral part of the society, and with the Latin demographics to consider, it really deserves to be studied and be understood. In a reference used for this research, it was found out that the difference between Latin and other languages used for communication is crucial because it may be misinterpreted or be inappropriately used in communicating between cultures. A Latin word inappropriately used by an American speaker may be offensive, and vice versa. Even actions or behavior could also be misunderstood, or be considered impolite if not done properly. A concrete example would be kissing and hugging (U. S. Institute of Languages, 1995). In Latin, these are acts of simple communication as a greeting. Men and women alike do this, purely a friendly gesture with no romantic meaning being attached. Another reference focused on cultural differences in Latin communication when it comes to the workplace (Wederspahn, 2001). It focused on various concerns like communicating with bosses, peers, and subordinates, as well as dealing with people from other cultures. This research is important in communication because it helps in bridging the gap between different cultures. Knowing about a different culture like Latin is a big step in understanding it. If it is properly understood, then a good communication may proceed. The person communicating would know the boundaries and limits to the Latin communication process. He knows what should be and what shouldn’t be done, as well as what the other person might think with his actions. This improves the flow of communication, thus helping destroy the cultural barrier in communication. References: U. S. Institute of Languages. (1995). Spanish Culture and Nonverbal Communication. Retrieved January 25, 2009, from http://www. spanishprograms. com/spanish-culture. htm Wederspahn, G. M. (2001). Cross-Cultural Communication Between Latin American and U. S. Managers. Retrieved January 25, 2009, from http://www. grovewell. com/pub-Latin+US-mgrs. html

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