Thursday, August 1, 2019

Extreme Weather and Setting Essay

LO 3.1 Identify non medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting In my setting there are many roles and responsibilities that I have in a Non-medical emergency incident or emergency. All settings employing more than five people will have a safety policy and this states the emergency procedures in case of a fire and what to do in the event of some major incidents such as a child who has gone missing, an unwelcomed intruder in the setting or very extreme weather conditions. Now I am going to identify eight non emergency incidents and then for LO 3.2 I will outline the actions to take when there is a Fire, A Missing Child and Unauthorised Entry. Missing Child A child should never go missing from a setting and also they should not be able to open gates or doors and when practitioners go through the doors they should ensure that they are closed and locked properly. In my setting no child can get out because the back exit is locked after a certain time and there is a buzzer at the main entrance. If a child were to go missing I would raise the alarm and follow my settings procedures which are; * Make sure that the other children are safe  * Exits should be supervised to prevent the missing child from escaping * Tell the person in charge, Mrs. Quinn * The person in charge with organize a systematic search Evacuation There are many reasons that my setting may need to be evacuated for example a gas leak, fire or bomb scare. In my setting the person in charge knows what to do and evacuated the setting. The setting has regular evacuation practices and there are signs around showing where the nearest exit is and where the assembly point is. Fire If there s a fire in my setting I would raise the alarm and then close the doors and windows to stop the fire from spreading get the children out by the closes exit, then call 999. In my setting they have fire drills every 3 months and when the fire alarm goes off we reassure the children that they are safe. The teacher takes a register with them to see if all the children are outside safe, or are any of them hiding inside. Unauthorised Entry If there is an unauthorised person in my setting and if I’m with a child I would ensure that the child is safe and then escort the person to the person in charge but my responsibility at the time is the safety of the children. If the person refuses to leave the police should be called. Vandalism If there has been an attack of vandalism at my setting my responsibility is to ensure the children’s safety. Then I will need to inform the person in charge so they can organize it so that it gets cleared up but before this, photographs should be taken as evidence. Some examples of vandalism can include drugs, cigarette buts, broken glass or even broken school equipment. If these risks are not seen to when a child goes out to place they may fall on the glass and cut themselves or a younger may pick up a cigarette but and try to eat it. Bomb alert In my setting if there was a bomb alert then the setting would follow the normal evacuation procedure and all of the staff have the responsibility to the children to keep them safe. Flooding This event could threaten the safety of the pupils or staff if a severe rainstorm has caused the water levels to rise or if there is a burst pipe in the setting. If any of them happen then my setting will decide if an evacuation is necessary, let the teachers know that they need to evacuate and get the children out of the setting as soon as possible. Also when they are at the assembly point the teacher checks the register to see if anyone is missing. Extreme Weather Conditions Severe weather can also have strong winds. If this happens then my setting will tell everyone to take cover away from windows, evacuate any classrooms in direct contact with the strong winds and call the emergency services.

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