Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Letter to the Editor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Letter to the Editor - Assignment Example All road users are directly affected by this issue whether in a public, vehicle, private vehicle, or on foot. Cases have been observed where pedestrians have been swept dead by over speeding cars. Moreover, onlookers have been reported to have been knocked down after a vehicle lost its way. It is, therefore, arguable that any individual is at risk of losing their life as long as they are using a road within the country. Before describing the possible solutions to this menace, it is essential to take a careful analysis of its causes. A recently carried out research on the commonly affected roads within the country held that road accidents were majorly as a result of poor roads. Most roads within the country are poorly constructed and, therefore, a challenge to most drivers who get involved in such accidents. Some drivers have further argued that the climatic conditions, especially during the cold seasons, affect their vision on the road. It has been observed that more accidents occur those mornings when there is plenty of mist in the atmosphere. This mist inhibits drivers’ ability to see approaching vehicles, resulting to accidents. Carelessness on the road is also a factor that results to these accidents. Some drivers are either not qualified, or are just careless. Such drivers use phones while driving, or get drunk. Such are significant factors for the increased number of road accidents in the country. Some pedestrians, too, are careless as far as crossing the roads are concerned. After such analysis of the problem, it is essential to describe a solution to the issue. One of the solutions to this issue is that better roads should be constructed, as well as repair to the already existing ones. As long as these roads are in bad conditions, road accidents shall be witnessed. It is, therefore, important that, to reduce the number of deaths on roads and accidents, roads should

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