Friday, August 9, 2019

Class Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Class Discussion - Essay Example 1 The company should also assess what retailers prefer to shelf and if they think would be more successful. Accordingly in marketing the color and packaging of a food product needs to be as eye catching and possible. While launching a new television whether it took 2 years to build or 10 would be to market the product. The company should create awareness of the product, give knowledge and convince the people how good it is because if you have the best product in the world but the people don’t know about it, it’s bound to fail. The buyers also care about the price/value ratio of the product and if it’s out of the price range for the people they won’t buy it. So the prices should be as low as possible in the beginning to create a buzz and there needs to be investment in the form of marketing. The ideal way to market a toy would be by placing it at an end cap2 at a price range with the main competitor or a toy which is similar. The sales are analyzed at the end of the week or month and compared and accordingly the success can be measured. Selling a toy to children also means that there is no such brand loyalty so the toy can sell easily with the right colors and images on the box which the children can easily like the

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