Monday, August 26, 2019

Pablo Picasso The Artistic Genius of an Avant-garde Painter Research Paper

Pablo Picasso The Artistic Genius of an Avant-garde Painter - Research Paper Example The paper "Pablo Picasso The Artistic Genius of an Avant-garde Painter" investigates the avant-garde and the role of Pablo Picasso in it. The rejection of society of his work has never discouraged him. Quite the opposite, it has encouraged him. Yet, in the recent decades, the circumstances have changed. It is hard by now to recall how painful the struggle was. The works of art of those who opposed the existing order is currently displayed in sites of tribute and the word ‘radical’ is starting to lose its previous significance. The brilliance and creativity of the founders remains obvious but it is easy to overlook their boldness and the defiance they raised to core issues of art and the bond between life and artistry. The recognized ideas of cultured tastes, beauty, and consistency which in 1881 were valued as measures by which the people may securely make its opinions have been challenged. Beauty itself is currently doubtful of its meaning. Yet, the drained and dishonor ed ideas of the past have not been ruined by academics but by the imaginative effort of artists who have discovered new ways of expression and introduced us to new varieties of artistic styles. A development of such impact can merely take place when a path is provided to it by talented individuals. The past eight decades have actually been made dramatically vivid by the canvasses of artists who have enriched the development of modern painting; yet, no single individual has influenced this radical transformation more deeply than Pablo Picasso.

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