Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Rise in Migration to Singapore essays

The Rise in Migration to Singapore essays Singapore has come a long way since independence thirty-six years ago. Today, she has become the focal point of South-East Asia, a cauldron of different races, cultures and religions. Singapore has been colonized by the British ever since Sir Stamford Raffles stepped foot on her shores and she is not unfamiliar with the number of foreigners working here whether for the British empire or simply stopping over with ships to trade. However, these foreigners of Singapores colonial past never belonged here. After World War II broke out and Japan posed a real threat of invading Singapore, thousands of expatriates rushed for the first flight out of this sunny oasis. Similarly, during the turbulent years of Singapores independence, many of her foreign friends opted to leave for home elsewhere together with the British withdrawal of troops based in Singapore in 1968. The tide has turned through the passage of time. Now, Singapore is a desirable destination for foreigners choosing a new home. I believe that the migration of foreigners to Singapore is of benefit to both the economy and society and more should be done to attract them. Firstly, foreigners migrate to Singapore for economic reasons. Singapore is a fast developing economy that is bursting with opportunities. Foreigners have seen how Singapore emerged from the 1998 Asian Economic Crisis relatively unscathed and they are suitably impressed by this remarkable achievement. Multi-National Companies (MNCs) have targeted Singapore as their regional headquarters for operations in South-East Asia. These companies include IBM, Microsoft, Palm, all reputable international companies. These MNCs send their top talents from overseas branches to work in Singapore and be in charge of the regional headquarters and there is no shortage of foreigners in MNCs. Local companies have responded to the competition of foreign companies and sought to lure the best of talents around the world to ...

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