Friday, October 18, 2019

International Marketing - Brazil Country Notebook Term Project Paper

International Marketing - Brazil Country Notebook Project - Term Paper Example The success of a business depends on culture. Culture varies from country to country depending on the origin, religion or cultural practice of the indigenous population. In fact, the tradition of the indigenous and the effect of religion in behavior is advance. For example, Brazil population is affiliated to Catholicism and the impact of religion may be adverse in some areas. However, Christianity offers the opportunity for success through integration and acceptance. Brastemp is a company dealing with kitchen equipment with the main focus being on cookers and fridges. It targets export to countries such as the US, Argentina and other South American countries. However, in the next decade the company intends to supply its product globally by venturing into Asian and African markets. The origin of the Brazil nation is under dispute by archaeologists. However, the beginning of the nation can be traced back to the native population described by the Portuguese colonizers as Indians. In the early discovery there were over 2000 tribes living in Brazil. The nature of the population owing to the difference in origin is complex with a diverse approach to business and other related activities. The history of Brazil is a complex story with diverse conflicts in academic report or work. In fact, the country’s history is divided into several eras with the main focus being on the colonization era. For business, the population and preference is vital because they help in determination of the market quality. Geographical setting Brazil is locates in the South America continent and is covers almost half of the continent. It is the largest country in the continent but has diverse coverage. The total area coverage is 8,514,215km2 which is both land and water combined. It is border

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