Saturday, October 5, 2019

Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Plagiarism - Essay Example Plagiarism may either be a deliberate action or unintentional. According to, actions that qualify as plagiarism include submitting other peoples views pretending they are your own views, duplicating other peoples ideas or research without acknowledging their contributions, improper citations which include citing false references, and duplicating the organization of words in a sentences without acknowledging the origin. It is worth noting that plagiarism can be averted through acknowledging the fact that the ideas, views, or sentence organization originated from a particular source ( There are a number of ways through which plagiarism can be averted. The secret to writing a plagiarism free essay or research paper is writing everything in owns words. Subsequently, other peoples views ought to be properly referenced of cited. In case one is not conversant with the various citation styles, it would be of significance to seek the help of the teacher or lecturer ( also asserts that initial preparations prior to the commencement of writing an essay or research paper is important in avoiding plagiarism. Coming up with a succinct sketch out or summary of ideas helps set a benchmark in regard to ideas to be retrieved from other peoples works and own ideas. It is of significance to assert that a writer ought to clearly separate his or her own ideas from those retrieved from other peoples works. However, it is also important to reword other peoples ideas so that a paper can appear original. Cited sources should be from well acclaimed researchers or sources in text citations should include the author of the book of source, year of publication, and page numbers depending on the citation style used. In definition, a citation is referred to as a method or technique used to notify those

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