Friday, July 26, 2019

Strategic Plan Stakeholders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Strategic Plan Stakeholders - Essay Example The reasons underlying the development of a document on strategic planning is for the organization to eradicate ill politics emanating from the stakeholders. This may result whenever a certain group within or outside the business perceives biasness. A planning document entails the organization’s objectives and goals. Further, it describes to the stakeholders the essential approaches that business entity targets to implement to accrue the long term plans. Through the implementation of a planning document, the organization gains the ability to pursue its goals since every stakeholder will be knowledgeable of the perceived outcomes thus devoting his support to the planning process (p. 2). Reasonably, the development sets a pace for the organization to meet all its stakeholder needs. Organizations devote their strategic development plans towards achieving beneficial outcomes. Therefore, the documented approach will serve to the effect of ensuring efficiency in delegation of tasks, team-building, and a unified focus towards the set goals and objectives. The document acquaints an organization with a prospectus for scanning the environment. This influences a positive approach towards development of the organization’s mission. Arguably, the documented approach describes the organization’s vision (p. 3). Lastly, it is an essential resolution to a democratic process of inserting decisions harvested from the organization’s internal and external

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