Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Online Customer Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Online Customer Service - Essay Example However, as the businesses grew, information regarding each customer became difficult as a result of customer growth base. To cope up with the growing customer bases, marketing segmentation and customer grouping was started, where customers were put in slots that could fit into their needs. Grouping of customers and putting them into slots enhanced the expectations of customers, but this also compromises some other desires of the customers since other services are tailor made to groups, not individuals2. In order to meet these challenges, relationship management begun to surface in 1980’s where this idea was to work efficiently with a direct relationship with the customer. Most of the firms realized that this could make them to know more about their customers and provide services that were tailor-made to match their desires. By doing this, firms were able to add value to their customers and themselves. Relationship Management is a group of terms and methodologies that illustra te how businesses should endeavor  and  strive for quality customer service, long term relationship with customers, and provision of quality goods and services. The argument behind good customer relationship include, sense of control, reduction of risks, provide more security, feeling a sense of control and reduction of costs of being a custo The rise of social customer The rise of customer requires that companies should change into a fully fledged social enterprise that values openness and succeeds on the collaboration with customers. The livelihood of the social business is a combination of consistent and immediate flow of information which involves every employee and spans every level of the company3. This means philosophically the customer’s needs at the heart of the vision of the company so as to equip the entire labor force with the right tools so as to ensure that there is customer satisfaction either directly or indirectly. This means operationally that there is a n investment in systems, guidelines and training that will enhance immediate communication between the workers and customers. A social business will have to pay attention and engage a variety of media-email, telephone, mobile and web. Several customers are going for social media to research, rave and rant about their experiences. By amplifying and aggregating experiences of the customers, social media has the ability to either make or break the reputation of the company. Studies have indicated that over 40% of the adults use the web to share their complaints about the services and products. Social media has the ability to bring down the company into its knees if not well managed. Social media has pushed customer service to the front of tactical thinking.  In order to stay in the competition, it is extremely beneficial for companies to know about the needs of a social customer. Use of Social Media Companies in the contemporary business environment are moving closer to its customers , and have taken some steps in resolving the problems encountered by its customers. There is a massive opportunities for various companies in the social web4. Removal of communication obstacles between a business and its customers, social web maintains one-on-one, small-scale relationship with the customers contrary to the setting of large-scale

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