Monday, September 9, 2019

Science and its Impact on Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Science and its Impact on Society - Essay Example However, in the recent past, there has been a growing awareness among society that the effects of science and related research are not always beneficial. The perception amongst people is that science will only lead to the destruction of nature eventually. That no matter what advancement in technology is enjoyed; the harmful effect on our planet in the name of research and science is increasingly being felt. Only those aspects of science receive attention in society which suit the goals or which inspire awe - this indicates that people at large read science because it serves their purpose or because the subject is topical, sensational or controversial. At most, only a handful read science for the sake of the knowledge it might impart. Much research is required to identify those subjects so that science could be made more popular and effective. Science was a great investment towards a better life and this resulted in the discovery of light waves and radio waves, the electric motors, the first photograph and telephone, and the first publication of the periodic table. There was also great controversy when Charles Each society is faced with the challenge of keeping its proper place in a world defined by economic and political change. Knowledge, in particular science, technology and innovation, is indispensable to meet this challenge. Scientific and technological progress results in new innovations that are an integral part of international competitiveness. This translates into what the society's needs and aspirations are, such as peace, jobs, security, health and sustainable development of the planet. Viewing science from two angles: The benefits are many: medical advancements have saved many lives; internet and increased access to information is definite; research in the field of weather has led to the predictions of storms and the study of astronomy has given society knowledge of the formation of Earth and of the solar system. The adverse effects are: The medicines prescribed come with their own side effects; and nuclear technology! This scientific knowledge has helped in creating bombs which are used for massacres and gruesome killings; it has also been used for energy, releasing radiation which causes medical problems to many. Factors controlling the usage of science: The relationship between science, controlled by the government, and society is a hostile one because the society that enjoys benefits of science cannot do anything to prevent the side-effects of science - it is powerless to take action to curb the harmful turn of events that result from science; especially more so if the science is

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