Saturday, September 7, 2019

CASE SCENARIO Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

CASE SCENARIO - Essay Example But there is no evidence of any spill. Situation Analysis And Solution: Let’s us assume that the production employee does not know how to identify the material, as the Hazard Communication Standard requires that all chemicals be appropriately labeled. â€Å"Under the provisions of the Hazard Communication Standard, employers are responsible for informing employees of the hazards and the identities of workplace chemicals to which they are exposed†, says OSHA in its information booklet. The emergency response team and the plant manager have already been informed about the incident. Entry to the area restricted except for those involved in the clean up operations. The first step to entering the area of incident involves wearing protective gears such Positive Pressure Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, gloves and shoe covers by the team coordinators. A quick survey of the area is done and it declared as restricted area.Next is to identify the material that is spilled by identifying the label. Identifying the s pill is half work done, as this is will tell what procedure it needs to undertake to limit the hazardous situation. The HazMat Team is then given relevant spill response instructions. The following will be the action list they would follow: The team members also needed to be appropriately protected with the personal protective clothing and equipment. Restrict entry of any unauthorized individuals. As the spillage is from a 55 gallon drum, two or three team members will take care of transferring the contents into a larger drum as soon as possible. Two or three of the members work on limiting the spill from spreading further. A part of the hazard management team involves in relocating the other hazardous chemical containers to safer areas. As fumes are being produced, let us assume that the chemical that spilt was a strong acid. The next step is use

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