Friday, January 17, 2020

Problems We Face in Our Daily Lives

E & B Hassan Anjum Problem 1 Inconvenience of getting ready in the morning Background: This is a problem that every person faces, be it a kid getting ready for school or an adult going to office. Why do people complain about it? Obviously the reason is pretty simple. It is time consuming. People want a solution that helps them to cut this time. Solutions tried (TIPS): There isn’t any such specific product which helps people to tackle this problem. But we do have some tips regarding this situation on the internet http://www. wikihow. com/Get-Ready-in-the-Morning ttp://parentables. howstuffworks. com/family-matters/3-free-get-ready-school-printables-make-your-mornings-easier. html (This isn’t relevant to the topic but is an interesting idea for kids to learn getting ready themselves in the morning. ) http://www. wikihow. com/Get-Ready-for-School-%28for-Girls%29 Possible solution (Product) : It is a wild idea but I really fancy the idea of some iron man machine look alike which has all the tools and equipment ( Eg Robotics controlling hairbrush , tooth brush etc) for getting ready in the morning.Morever, we have an input device ( probably an augmented reality screen which helps us to decide what clothes to wear). And all these processes involved in getting ready are controlled by robotics. All we have to do is choose what clothes to wear and enter the machine. All the functions are performed simultaneously. Morever this machine would have the capabilities to give one a bath. So the 2nd problem of bathing could be integrated as well. Just a wild idea . I know it sounds a bit complicated but still a possibility.Problem 2 Sound Pollution Background: Sound or noise pollution is another common problem that one faces in his daily life. It can be caused in many forms. Be it some construction work going on in the community, the roaring of vehicle engines in the morning, highway noise or probably some late night party going on in the neighbourhood. Noise poll ution has become a serious concern due to its adverse effects. Solutions that already exist: http://www. youtube. com/watch? =-jevPIJmABA&feature=related This vid shows us the different materials to sound proof a room. Pretty common thing And as Janet and Josh have mentioned already http://www. audimutesoundproofing. com/ Something portable but too big to carry around. Possible solutions : Sound proof remote (Press a button and it sound proofs the room) P. S , Yes this idea has been discussed and mentioned before. Other solutions such as sound proof walls, ear muffs are too mainstream. And SORRY for the delay !!

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