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Biological Influence Of Male Homosexuality - 882 Words

(1) LeVay, S. and Hamer, D., 1994. Evidence for a Biological Influence in Male Homosexuality. Scientific American, [e-journal] Available through: Research Gate website [Accessed 17 March 2016]. The research article suggests a structure within the human brain and a genetic link indicate the biological factor for male homosexuality. The journal investigates an experiment about the role of male genetics in sexual orientation by analysing the hypothalamus in autopsy specimens from homosexual and heterosexual men. Increased possibilities of same-sex orientation were discovered in the maternal male cousins and uncles of the participants, instead of their father or parental relatives. Also, the researchers discovered a brain cell group ‘INAH’ had a potentiality of being the sex-orientated DNA, indicating that the reason of homosexuality may be related to genetics. The research is conducted by by Simon LeVay and Dean H. Hame. LeVay earned a doctorate in neuroanatomy at the University of Gottingen in Germany. He then went to Harvard University to work on the brain’s visual system, and later the Salk Institute for Biological Studies to head the vision laboratory. In 1992 he found the Institute of Gay and Lesbian Education. Hamer received his Ph.D. in biological chemistry from Harvard in 1977. He studies the role of genes both in sexual orientation and in complex medical conditions. Both researchers were renowned in the biology area attests to the validity of this source.Show MoreRelatedHomosexuality : Nature And Nature871 Words   |  4 PagesHomosexuality: Nature or nurture By: Clifnie francois Advance Placement Psychology Mr. Cuetara June 4 2015 Abstract The nature and nature of homosexuality is heavily debated. Some people believe that homosexuality is biologically determined and others believe it’s base on ones environment. This topic can be argue to be base on both nature and nurture. Studies conducted in the past decades support both the biological and environmentalRead MoreHomosexuality And Its Effects On Society Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesMany people believe and have debated whether or not homosexuality is a choice that one freely makes, while others believe a combination of genetics, hormones and environment have a factor in one’s sexuality and sexual development. Homosexuality is something one cannot choose to be. Primarily, homosexuality can be defined as a romantic or sexual attraction that involves people of the same gender. Male homosexuals are referred to as gays while the female ones are called lesbians. Ideally, since timeRead MorePsychology And Science Of A Heterosexual And Homosexual Man Through The Course Of Nature Vs. Nurture1168 Words   |  5 PagesHamers, Sanders, Hansen. The perception of whether homosexuality conforms to the course of nature vs. nurture can influence the amount of scrutiny judged upon affected individuals. So, the purpose of this extended essay is to answer the research question of to what extent is there a biological basis with neurological structurally, genetically, hormonally, and prenatally behind male homosexuality and how an individual’s perception of this fact influences their behavior towards homosexuals. FurthermoreRead MoreHomosexuality Is Not A Choice For Adults963 Words   |  4 PagesBiological Based Homosexuality Over the past few decades, there has been controversy over the topic of homosexuality. Many people believe that there are homosexuals make the choice to be homosexual. On the contrary, several studies show that there are genetic factors that lead individuals toward a homosexual preference. The rights of people who are homosexual are becoming more progressive and are almost equivalent to those who are heterosexual in the United States. Homosexuality is a biologicalRead MoreEssay about Causes of Homosexuality - Nature AND Nuture564 Words   |  3 Pagesunderstand why anyone would want to get involved in homosexual activity. There are many arguments about homosexuality whether is by nature or nurture. Before we make judgments on homosexuality, we need to identify the causes of homosexuality. Homosexuality is caused by genetic, biological and environmental factors. The first possible cause of homosexuality is genetic factors. Homosexuality is a trait from birth (Buchanan, 2000). Studies found that identical twins share many common traits. A studyRead MoreHuman Sexuality Paper1490 Words   |  6 Pages SXS 400 Essay If sexual orientation is something that we can’t change or choose, then how are these specific preferences such as heterosexuality and homosexuality created? How does one person progress to either heterosexuality or homosexuality? Studies showed that there were genetic factors linked to influencing sexual orientation in males before they were born by increasing the female reproductive capacity in mothers during multiple births. (Iemmole, Ciani, 2008: 393) Though that doesn’t meanRead MoreHomosexuality, Genetics or Preference? Essay800 Words   |  4 PagesLet us begin with a definition of homosexuality. Homosexuality refers to a sexual attraction and or behavior between people of the same sex. In origin the word homosexual comes from the Greek word for â€Å"same† with the Latin word for â€Å"sex†. In my opinion, homosexuality can be classified into two groups - one being sexual orientation and the other being sexual preference. Homosexuality as a sexua l orientation refers to an enduring pattern or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, or amorousRead MoreGay Men Born Gay1235 Words   |  5 PagesAngeles Monday, Sept. 09, 1991 Gay men often claim that even as children they knew they were somehow different from other boys. Many say that sense even preceded puberty. And yet, though researchers have tried for decades to identify a biological basis for homosexuality -- which seems to be present in all human societies -- they have mostly come up dry. Tantalizing clues have surfaced: gays are more likely to be left-handed, for instance. But in the end, there has been little proof that biology is sexualRead MoreDoes Homosexuality Change the Brain or the Brain Results in Homosexuality?1039 Words   |  5 Pages Homosexuality is a product of biology because according to research, the hormones of the females are stronger. Dr. Hamer states that sexual orientation, male homosexuality is genetically influenced. This is passed down through their mothers to the hormone of their offspring. Sexual identity is wired into the genes, which discounts the concept that homosexuality and transgender sexuality are a choice. Since sexual differentiation occurs within the womb, as a result of hormonal influences, it hasRead MoreIs Homosexuality Or Not?1707 Words   |  7 Pages Is homosexuality genetic? This a common question asked among society today. While some people argue that homosexuality is genetic, some people also believe that it is nature and not nurture. Genetics is the study of genes, heredity, and genetic variation in living organisms. Genetic processes work in combination with an organism s environment and experiences that influence development and behavior of the organism, often stated to as nature vs nurture. Trait inheritance of genes is still

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